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The THINK TANK is going into the next round and we are also coming to your region.


What do you have to watch out for when taking pictures at events? The question is not so easy to answer, as there may be different constellations. First, it depends on who photographs: visitors, employees, owners, a professional photographer ...? Then it depends on what is photographed: nature, things, people ...? Also relevant is where photos are taken: inside or outside a defined location? And finally, it depends on what happens later with the photos: dissemination to the press, to sponsors, upload on the website, or fuss for someday?

Together with our specialist lawyer Thomas Waetke we discuss the most important questions regarding the "photo right". For more information click on the picture.


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maximice movie night 2020

At the end of January, Daniela Steimel from DStinations and I will tour again through three special cinemas in Munich, Dusseldorf and Cologne. With in the luggage again extremely good footage and great international hotels from near and far.


On 28.01. we start in Cologne, then drive to Dusseldorf and welcome MICE planner on 29.01. and finish our tour on 30.01.2020 in Munich. Make a note of our stops in the calendar and be part of the "maximice movie night" again: FILM AB!


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